Check out the latest God Conversations articles and interviews in the media across Australia and overseas:

Keys to a God-Conversation

Watch Cathy Jenke from Star Radio and Tania chat about how being a part of community creates safety when we hear God’s voice.

Sydney Morning Herald: The Two of Us

An article in Sydney’s flagship newspaper about the power of covenant friendship.

Does God have a Kiwi accent?

Listen to Tania chat with John Peachey on the Mornings show at Rhema NZ about the logic of God speaking back, whether God has a Kiwi accent and why God sometimes speaks to us in pictures rather than words.

What does God Sound Like?

Dwayne Jeffries at 103.2 Hope FM Sydney talks to Tania about some of the ways we hear God’s voice and the one thing we need to learn about getting it wrong before we can get it right!

The Easy Way to Hear God’s Voice

Listen to Tania talk with Clayton Bjelan at 89.9 LightFM Melbourne about the release of her eBook: “The Easy Way to Hear God’s Voice”

The Pentecostal Church Movement – Tania joined John Capper and Lynn Moresi to discuss the theology of faith and experience in Australian Pentecostal churches on Sunday Night at ABC Radio hosted by John Cleary.

God Adventures with Tania: A short profile of Tania’s journey into ministry in MICI Magazine, p.49

Life, Love and Valentines Day – Tania talks with Karen Hunt on the Morning Cafe Show about her journey into ministry and how to thrive in the season you’re in by choosing the relationships in your inner circle.

Tuning into the God-Conversations of Others – “In Conversation with Clayton’ on 89.9 LIGHT FM Melbourne – our favourite is the near miss car accident!

The God Conversations Journey – Hear Tania talk about the God Conversations journey and her new TV series July 2013 with Matt and Karen on The Journey Brekky show, Vision Radio