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Most people believe in God, but we’re not always sure of what kind of God that is. Some have memories of wooden pews and choir stalls; a faint glow of prayer candles and of mythical sounding Bible stories. Others have experienced glimpses of an unseen world and the type of mystery that’s almost embarrassing in its attempt to explain. Isolated moments may bring us a sense of Someone being out there; the thought of design and purpose to this great universe and our minuscule lives within it.

Questions about the nature of God have entertained humanity since the dawn of civilisation. If God is real, what connection does he have to us? Christianity addresses these questions by revealing a deeply personal God who seeks to know us through the person and character of Jesus and the provision of his Holy Spirit. As a relational being, conversation is at the core of God’s nature, so when we pray, we can expect him to speak back. And when he does, his words bring insight and wisdom to our lives; they provide strength, freedom and joy, and ultimately they show us who he is.


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Ask: God to reveal himself to you. Jesus came so we could relate personally to God. He deals with the barriers that separate us, enables us to be filled with his Holy Spirit and experience God’s real presence in our lives.

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