About Tania Harris

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Tania Harris

My ministry began with a question at 21 years old. University was over and the future stretched out like a plain waiting to be landscaped. Growing up in church, I’d been taught that God had a plan for my life, but faith still felt like a list of ideas somebody else believed in. I knew a lot about God, but I’d never experienced him personally. I wondered what he sounded like and how hearing his voice would effect my life. So I made God a promise. If he spoke to me clearly, I’d do whatever he said.

The answers I received became the signposts of an unlikely journey that started with working in the developing world with Wycliffe Bible Translators, teaching Primary students sport and caring for youth-at-risk with YFC Australia.

Then at 25, God called me to full-time ministry. At the time I had no idea what he meant. In my background, women weren’t allowed to carry the offering bag in church, much less be pastors. Back then, my ‘career’ aspirations amounted to perfecting a chocolate triple-layer torte and crafting the mitered corners of a patchwork quilt.

So it was back to study and a Masters degree, before pioneering a church in a beachside suburb of Melbourne with the Australian Christian Churches. Later I ministered in two different Bible Colleges – Harvest Bible College in Melbourne – and Hillsong College in Sydney, where I worked as the Academic Dean.

Today you’ll find me speaking in churches and conferences around the world or at home developing resources for the blog, TV, radio and various publications. My home church is Hillsong in Sydney and I have a fabulous leadership team who are my spiritual family. I couldn’t do this without them.

When not working, I’m likely to be hiking a very tall mountain and skiing down it, or paddling a kayak in the early morning on Sydney Harbour! I love to explore unknown places and I can still bake a decent chocolate cake (though admittedly I’ve lost a bit of flair of the early days).

Hearing God’s voice not only led me to unexpected places, but drew out the best of who I was. God’s heart is for every person to know him for themselves. His words are powerful and transformative, revealing a God who is eminently personal, delightfully creative and surprisingly funny. Hearing him speak gives us the faith and inspiration to live beyond our wildest imaginings. My prayer and the prayer of my team is that you will recognise the voice of God in your own life, and in doing so, you’ll find the courage to follow.


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“A top-shelf communicator!” (Ps. Dale Stephenson, Crossway Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia)

“An amazing ministry which makes people aware that their relationship with Jesus goes much deeper than head knowledge. Tania has the gift of marrying the two beautifully.” (Ps. John Steele, New Life Churches International, New Zealand)

“Tania uniquely combines the rational with the wonderful experience of living in two-way conversation with God.” (Christian and Helen Hofreiter, Oxford University Chaplains, England)

“Tania’s style of teaching and ministry is totally relatable and many of our young adults felt the time we had with her was not enough.” (Ps. Sandra Cavallo, Bayside Church, Victoria, Australia)

Professional Bio

Tania Harris is a pastor, speaker, author and the founder of God Conversations, a global ministry that equips people to recognise and respond to God’s voice. With a diverse history as church planter, pastor and Bible College lecturer, her ministry is known for its biblical depth, practical wisdom and ‘God-stories.’ She speaks to groups of all ages and denominations and is a popular voice on radio in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Currently Tania is completing her Doctorate in Ministry researching peoples’ experiences hearing God’s voice. Tania is an ordained minister with the Australian Christian Churches. Hillsong is her church home in Sydney, Australia.

Tania has presented a teaching series: The Other Side of the Conversation on the Australian Christian Channel and Shine TV (New Zealand). She has a daily show on the Vision Radio Network, is a regular guest on Rhema Media and hosts her own podcast. Her articles feature regularly in a variety of publications including RELEVANT!, Red Letter Christians and Christian Woman.