The God Conversations Team

God Conversations is a team effort! While Tania’s home church is Hillsong, Sydney where she was on staff for a number of years, her ministry is directly overseen by a gifted and visionary leadership team who, together with Tania, develop the ministry.

God Conversations Leadership Team

Introducing our Leadership Team:

Anita Pahor (Chairperson)

Anita is a unique treasure. Equally at home in the slums of India and the streets of New York, she is an expert at understanding people and lives to see them blessed. Elegant, articulate and highly accomplished, she brings to the ministry a stirring passion for God along with a breadth of corporate experience and skills in communication, marketing and strategic planning. There is no-one quite like her!

Peter Wallis

Pete is our production man. Pastor, trainer and tech-savvy all-rounder, Pete has spent much of his working career as Studio Manager of one of the greatest churches on the planet (Hillsong!) and is now freelancing as pastor, creative consultant and audio engineer. He is also a devoted family man with an exceptional wife and beloved daughter. He is a visionary and generous friend who is willing to follow the Holy Spirit anywhere, which is why he is such a valued member of the team.

Vicki Clarke

Vicki is family, both naturally and spiritually. As the one person who believed in Tania’s calling even as a teenager, she offers both spirit and strategy to the team. A long-term educator and social justice worker, she has a heart for healing, deliverance and ‘baggage-free’ living. She also brings many years experience in church leadership and is both mother and grandmother to many.

David Crafts

With a heart as large as his biceps, Dave is the ultimate pastor! Born in New Zealand and immigrating to Australia with his wife Gaye 30 years ago, Dave followed in the footsteps of Jesus starting his working career as a carpenter and launching into ministry at a decade later at what is now Hillsong Church. Here his consistent kindness and authenticity have been pivotal in building welcome networks and facilitating discipleship in both the Bondi and City congregations. Dave brings an invaluable breadth of pastoral wisdom as well as a local church focus to the GC ministry.


Along with the GC leadership, we have a passionate and committed team who works on the ground to outwork the ministry as well as a number of talented specialists who lend their support and expertise:

Jenny Snook (Executive Assistant)

Jenny is our highly valued and competent Executive Assistant. Born in the Solomon Islands and raised in Papua New Guinea and Australia, Jenny brings with her a genuine love for people of all nations. She is currently completing her third year at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney and enjoys all things planning, administration, organisation, and Officeworks. Her happy place involves piccolo lattes, quality conversations and lots of laughter.

Zoe Lomas (Prayer Team Co-ordinator)

With a passion for prayer and healing, Zoe is our prayer co-ordinator. Born in Romania, Zoe developed a love for foreign languages from an early age and as well as speaking her native tongue, she is also fluent in French, English and Spanish. Her real love though is the language of God which is why she immediately connected with Tania and God Conversations. A school language teacher in Portsmouth, England, Zoe is also currently launching a business that provides translation services throughout the UK.


God Conversations is also ably supported by these experts in their field:

Studio One Another Graphic Design

Field of Art Productions

Studio PR Audio Productions