Your Top 5 Blogposts of 2014

It’s a new year – that time when we see the top lists of everything from music to movies to books. So here’s our very own God Conversations version – with your top blogposts of 2014 (based on number of page-views) counting down. Enjoy!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANumber 5: The Question We All Ask God, but Wonder if We Shouldn’t

I wrote this after hearing someone say you shouldn’t ask God the question why? when something goes horribly wrong. To be honest I was sick of hearing it. For me asking God why? is as part of being human as opening the fridge when we visit Mum’s place. Even more so, it reflects our intimacy with God. We may not always get the answer the seek, but I think God would prefer to be asked why than having us not ask him anything at all.


Number 4: Can You Ever Be Sure it’s God?

We can only seek to hear God’s voice if we believe it is possible to recognise it. God speaks to be heard. Sounds basic but it’s true! We need the confidence and faith that he can and does speak clearly, and then we can work on our ability to hear him.


keysNumber 3: Acts 2:17 – A Turning Point, but what Does this Verse Really Mean?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard this verse preached on, yet somehow the key point is always missed. This scripture from Acts is not about old men falling asleep in the back of the pew and young men making 10-year-plans. Peter’s declaration on the Day of Pentecost is about having a two-way conversation with God – one of the most important messages we could ever hear.


Number 2: This Message Took One Hour to Write and 20 Years to Prepare

Call me slow but this nugget of wisdom has changed my life. We face the challenge of how to successfully partner with God often. What’s God’s role? What’s ours? It took me a while to realise mine was not just sitting on my hands waiting for it all to happen.



Number 1: Five Tips for How to Avoid Hearing God’s Voice

So this is it! Number One. How to avoid hearing God’s voice – perhaps we do better understanding what we shouldn’t do rather than what we should do (a throwback from childhood perhaps?!) I wonder if the third point is the most common… ;-)


Any favourites that have been a blessing to you? Share here.