Your Top Three Blogs of 2013


Here they are! The posts that were most read, clicked on, commented about and forwarded to someone else, one quite unexpectedly. Enjoy!

1. The Speaking Invitation Nobody Wants

Okay, so this one has pretty much nothing to do with how to recognise God’s voice but for some reason easily topped the list far above any other. It is perhaps a reflection of how little we talk about singleness inside and outside of our churches. I’ll let you be the judge…

2. God’s Words are Often Like This…

For the outdoor enthusiasts among us… That feeling you get when hiking into fog and forgetting that yes, there is a spectacular view to be seen, but it appears doggedly and miserably absent. Not unlike the experience we have when time and circumstances can obscure the words we once heard God say.

3. The Key to Hearing God’s Voice

This God-Conversation that happened early in my Christian walk set the default for all future conversations. I still say today that it is not difficult to hear God’s voice; what’s difficult is doing what he says!

Which was your favourite?! Leave a comment below:

  • Ruth Emmerson

    Hi Tania,
    Every time i read your blogs it causes great sense of anticipation (and sometimes frustration…) inside me to keep listening and leaning into God’s voice.

    ‘The First Word I Heard God Say’ is my favourite blog. It always reminds me of how much God wants from us, and that it really is for our benefit.

    Thank you for being an very inspiring woman, a true disciple and a lover of God’s Voice. The Church at large needs more like you, who are willing to listen for the hard calls that God makes. i know He is blessing you more and more… much love, ruth x

    • Tania Harris

      Haha, love the ‘frustration’ comment! (though that sounds kind of twisted!) Only because frustration is another word for dissatisfied – and dissatisfaction leads to hunger, and hunger leads to…
      Thanks so much for your warm encouragement Ruth that spurs me on! x

  • Nathalie ter Reegen

    Hi Tania,

    I definately loved “The speaking Invitation Nobody wants”.

    You set yourself up very vulnerable to speak about singleness. However, I think that you definately raise a subject that people don’t talk about enough. The things you wrote are so true, even tho I am engaged now, I can still feel the ache of longing to that other half of me. No-one ever gave me the encouragement I needed at that time. Its great that you dared to write a blog about it and even speak on the subject!

    Thank you for always encouraging me!

    I pray that 2014 will be a year of blessings and answered prayers!

    xxx Nathalie

    • Tania Harris

      Thanks so much Nathalie for your encouragement! You have done the journey so well!

  • christine

    The Speaking engagement nobody wants!

    The raw and vulnerable open confessions made this credible and alive and relative.

    Thank you!!

    • Tania Harris

      Thanks Christine, took a while to press that Send button!