How to Hear God’s Voice

Learn how to hear God’s voice through this 6 week online course!

Bringing biblical foundations and pastoral wisdom to this often misunderstood area of discipleship, Tania outlines God’s nature as a communicator and the all-important role of the Holy Spirit, as well as addressing the practical questions we face in recognising God’s voice today. Age-old theological truths are brought into the 21st century in a way that is easy to apply.


Through the course, you will learn:

  • What God’s voice sounds like
  • God’s nature as a communicator and his desire for two-way conversation
  • How to recognise God’s voice among others
  • How to position yourself to hear from God more clearly and regularly

How to Hear God’s Voice includes:

  • 7 high-quality video presentations
  • Downloadable study guides
  • Interaction through discussion boards
  • Access to teaching resources on hearing God’s voice
  • Bonus! Tania’s new book God Conversations in e-format
  • Bonus! On completion, free MP3 download: “How to Recognise a God-Dream

Coming 7 Aug 2017!

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