Why God Speaks in Dreams and Visions

Nowhere in the Bible does God provide a direct answer as to why he speaks in dreams and visions. We know that he speaks this way frequently – over one third of the material in the Old Testament is in the form of a dream and/or vision. We also see him speaking this way in the New Testament (Acts 2:17), but we are never given the reason as to why. So in this post, let me share some of my own thoughts on why God speaks in dreams and visions…

dry bones

He could have said: “I will restore your hope and raise you up as a strong nation.” But instead he showed Ezekiel this:

A desolate and lonely valley. An array of dry bones bleached white by the sun. A blast of air rises on the horizon. It swirls and blows, sweeping away the dust and exposing the bones. Suddenly there’s movement. A stirring in the wind. The bones begin to shake and tremble. Joints lock and seal, clicking together in rhythmic flow. From the scatter comes order. From the dust comes alignment. Then flesh appears. Muscle and tissue envelope the bones finding curvature and form. Limbs and torsos, toes and fingers take shape along the valley floor. Still the corpses lay, helpless in the void until a final breath surges through them and they rise with grace and fortitude. Standing tall, they unite together in formation, fixed with resolve and strength (Ezekiel 37:1-10).

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My Top 5 Hearing God’s Voice Books

In 2015 I commenced a Doctor in Ministry focussing on people’s experience in hearing God’s voice (Read about it here: The Wacky, the Frightening and the Spectacular: Researching our Experiences Hearing God’s Voice). Study at this level involves reading everything that’s available about hearing God experiences in the contemporary church.

top hearing God's voice books

The literature spans all sorts of viewpoints from the negative to the positive and the pragmatic to the academic. One author believed that claims to hearing God’s voice was elitist and fraught with so many dangers that we shouldn’t even contemplate that God speaks today! Another book discussed how God spoke in the first century church – always a great place to start, even when the relatively few records we have in the Scriptures (and outside them) make it challenging to resolve some of the current debates. A third book takes you inside a congregation’s hearing God experiences from an anthropological and psychological perspective. That one was quite brilliant, but left me with a significant headache as I took some time to process the content!

There are also some fabulous books out there that are a less academic but still thoughtful and well-researched which I will share with you here in this post. These books have some great insights, solid biblical grounding and helpful stories to illustrate how God speaks today. One of the best things about reading about the experiences of others is that you begin to recognise the same voice heard through multiple expressions and contexts. God’s nature and character is consistent, but his creativity is never-ending and his methods often surprising. I encourage you to keep listening to and learning from the journey of others as you seek to know God’s voice in your own life!
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ISIS Fighter Meets Jesus in a Dream, but Why the Skepticism?

After a seemingly endless string of gory tales involving beheadings, hangings and stonings across the Middle East, here’s some news you really want to read: ISIS Fighter Who ‘Enjoyed’ Killing Christians Wants to Follow Jesus After Dreaming of Man in White.

Islamic State

It’s a story of how a man set on committing a terrible act of barbarism was stopped in his tracks by a dream of Jesus. That one encounter with the Holy Spirit changed the destiny of a terrorist and stopped the murder of an innocent victim in a way no military force ever could. It’s a thrilling account of how God fights evil!

But notice the skepticism in the article. Apparently Muslims hear from God through dreams, but Christians don’t. In fact, Christians have been to known to question the legitimacy of these encounters – even though lives are saved and Muslims decide to follow Jesus as result of them! Journalist Nicola Menzie writes:

“In Islam… people don’t expect to have God talk back to them personally, as the Holy Spirit isn’t living in them. They ask God for guidance through dreams; that’s like the one way that Muslims expect to hear from God…”

“Christians have been skeptical of Muslims’ claims that “Jesus dreams” have led them to Christianity.”

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How the Walk of Faith is like Climbing Everest (One of Which I’ve Done)

I wake up to the sound of an ugly wind howling through the gully and the wild flip-flapping of the tent walls. The neon hands on my watch tell me it’s 5:50am – plenty of time to lie there and relish the cocoon-like warmth of my sleeping bag.

Beneath the covers I wriggle my toes. Happily I can still feel them. The advice given by our expedition leader the night before had worked a charm. We’d created makeshift hot water bottles from our drinking flasks and tucked them into the base of our sleeping bags. Then we’d sprinted on the spot outside our tents to get our body temperature up before ducking under the covers to trap the heat. Eight blissful hours of warm escape from the icy chill outside.


The freezing weather has taken us all by surprise. It was mid-October and usually by this time, so the rangers told us, the only snow left in Kosciusko National Park lay in scattered patches. But this Winter had been different. Unseasonal falls meant our three day expedition across the range was through metre-deep snow with only the occasional cluster of snow grass and granite rock peaking through.

Today we were heading further along the Main Range, with another two days to make it to the pass. The weather had been perfect up until this point. Bright blue skies and sunshine so strong that wearing sunglasses was not an option.
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Three Areas it’s Difficult to Hear God’s Voice In

You may already know the answer to this one. What are the areas that are most difficult to hear God’s voice in?


Here’s my top three:

  1. Romantic relationships
  2. Children
  3. Money

In fact I know of authors and teachers who say that you shouldn’t even try to hear God’s voice in these areas because it is just too difficult – and with good reason. Perhaps you can see the common thread…

In all these three areas of life, we care very deeply about the answers. So many emotions are associated with these issues. When we come to God with our questions about that relationship or that desire to conceive, we come loaded with personal agendas. Our ability to hear God’s voice is muddied by our desires. After all, who wants to hear; “No, this man or woman is not for you”? Who wants to know; “No, you will not have children,” or “This business decision may fail”?

I’ve seen it happen before. Times when strongly held desires or misplaced opinions get in the way of hearing God clearly. It’s tragic, since not only do we experience the fallout of our decisions, we lose something of our trust in hearing God’s voice in the first place. The combination can be a spiritual crisis that forever impacts our walk with God.
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