An Untold Story of 9/11 & Why You Should Give Even on Your Worst Day

It’s been 15 years since the terrorist attacks on the United States on the morning of September 11, 2001. This story – perhaps one you haven’t heard – reminds us that even on our worst days, generosity has the power to open up our world.

Give When You Can't Afford To

It was Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001 and the passengers of Delta Flight 15 were told they would be diverting from Atlanta because of a simple instrument problem. Their new destination was to be Gander, a small town in Newfoundland Canada. As 52 other aircraft joined them one by one on the tarmac, there was no denying the fact that the captain had lied to keep them calm. While the world reeled with the images of tumbling office towers, the frightened passengers huddled overnight in the cabin wondering what would happen next.

Caring for the Plane People

The next day all 10,500 disoriented passengers disembarked and 10,400 unsuspecting townspeople lurched into action. Within hours volunteers of all ages gathered to care for the ‘plane people’ as they came to be called. Buses arrived in convoy to ferry the passengers to their temporary homes. High schools, meeting halls and lodges were converted to mass lodging areas. Food was prepared by the residents, local restaurants provided free meals and bakeries worked tirelessly to provide enough fresh bread. Every need was thoughtfully considered and meticulously provided for; medical attention for the sick and pregnant, entry to the laundromats for fresh clothes; even day-excursions on cruises across the lake or hikes in the forest.
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Podcast (032) Hearing God in the Big Decisions

One of the most difficult times to hear God’s voice is when we’re in the throes of making a big decision. Shall I take this job, will I marry this person, or will we have children? Each of these decisions have life-changing consequences; they tug at our heartstrings and our emotions are deeply invested in the outcomes. That makes hearing God in these areas particularly fraught with difficulty – to the point where some say you shouldn’t even try to hear from God for them.

Hearing God in the Big Decisions

We’ve already looked at hearing God’s voice for marriage in episode 29 when we discussed some wisdom for hearing God’s voice for Mr and Mrs Right. But today we’re talking with someone who has heard God speak about two other highly sensitive areas: career and children.

Ps. Lisa Woods is the Senior pastor of Wheatland District Church in north West Victoria, along with her husband Dion. She has worked as a youth pastor, school chaplain in the local secondary school and local member of Yarriambiack Shire council, the youngest councillor to be elected to this position. She is an extraordinary woman of vision and passion who inspires all those around her to flourish. Today she is talking with us about hearing God speak about a job and a baby. I know you will enjoy her and learn from her story!
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God’s Words bring Grace in the Midst of Domestic Violence

God’s words have the power to transform lives. Jesus said they are “spirit and they are life” (John 6:63) and that we can’t live without them (Matthew 4:4). Here’s a testimony from our online community that shows how God’s words bring grace and hope to the darkest of circumstances:

I looked around the room and thought I was going crazy. I had heard God’s voice. Was I imagining it?

A few years ago* I went into hiding from my ex-husband who had been threatening to kill my three children and I. My father revealed my location to my him after I denied him contact with our disabled son (who he had been beating). I asked God if he was really there since I couldn’t do it anymore and I needed his help.

God's words bring grace in the midst of domestic violence

The dispute with my father led him to get me charged with attempted arson. Within 17 hours of being taken from my children by the police, I found myself in a women’s correctional facility. I had lost everything – my children, my job, my study – and was about to lose my house. I had not done what my father claimed but he chose to betray me anyway. I was broken. I couldn’t believe what had happened or where I was. Anyone who knows me is astounded by what happened to me – it was surreal. At the time I also developed a medical condition – a form of PTSD – where I struggled to walk and would lose the ability to stand. This occurred most days and I would have to drag my legs around or use a wheelchair.
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We Talk about the Tough Questions in this New CD Series

Some of you have heard the story of how God led me into ministry at a time when I didn’t believe women should be in ministry! As you can imagine it was a interesting journey. Then God asked me to take what I had learned and pass it onto others, and so the ministry of God Conversations for Women was born.


Today I’m very excited to announce the launch of a new teaching resource: God Conversations for Women! In this 4-part CD teaching series we explore God’s heart for the 21st C woman in detail. We talk about the tough questions: why Jesus’ ideals of gender equality didn’t gain traction, the impact of the feminism movement, why some churches today still refuse to ordain women and what gender equality has to do with child marriage and gendercide.

1. Unlikely – My story of how a woman who doesn’t believe in female pastors ends up becoming one – and how God helped me work through the theological issues of my head, as well as the identity issues of my heart.

2. What the Bible Says about Women (and Men) This is a chunky message that aims to bring clarity to a complex and often controversial topic. We may believe in gender equality but why do some place limits of women and what about those unusual verses in 1 Timothy and 1 Corinthians that seem to contradict God’s heart?
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Podcast (031) Does God Still Speak Today? | Why We Started Thinking that God Stopped Talking

Does God still speak today? I grew up in a church that didn’t believe he does. We were taught that as soon as the last pages of the Bible were written, God stopped talking (known as Cessationist theology). That may sound illogical for some – after all the Bible is full of God-conversations – surely if he spoke then, he would continue to speak now. But there was a good reason for it. People thought that if I claimed to hear God speak today, that would diminish the authority of what he had already said. The Scriptures gave us everything we need, so why would we need to hear anything else?

Does God Still Speak Today

But then I heard God speak. He spoke prophetically, miraculously and in ways that resembled the way he spoke in the Bible. That left me with a whole lot of questions. How did my experience compare to the experience of the Bible writers? What authority did it have in my life? Is it okay to say ‘God told me’ as they did in the Scriptures? And what about those times when people claim to hear God’s voice, but then it doesn’t happen? These kinds of questions are the subject of my current doctoral study as well as today’s podcast.
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