Wising Up: When God is Slow

This is the last in our Wising Up Series: some practical wisdom that will help you hear God’s voice and follow it this year. I don’t know about you, but the experience of God’s slowness may be the most difficult one in walking the God-life! Why does he take so long? Patience is great, but patience with understanding is even better. This 10 minute video will give you God’s explanation for when nothing seems to be happening. Learn how an ascent up the tallest mountain in the world is relevant to the walk of faith on the ground…

How have you dealt with the apparent slowness of God? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts about the teaching in this video below:

Podcast (028) Hearing God for a New Year: Three Tough Questions

Since I started my ministry eight years ago I’ve heard plenty of God-conversation stories, some life-transforming and God-glorifying, and some to be honest, I’d much rather forget. During that time, I’ve also been asked lots of questions about hearing God’s voice, questions that tend to be repeated wherever I go. Most of them are identical to the questions I’ve asked myself over the years.

hearing god new year

So today’s podcast includes some answers to three most commonly asked questions. It’s some plain talking wisdom about hearing God for the personal issues of our lives in 2016 – much like a coffee and a chat at the start of the year! Perhaps they are questions you’ve asked too:

1. What is God saying in this area?

Whether it’s a question about a new job, or a place to live or wisdom for a new relationship, we don’t always get a clear answer from God. Why is that? It’s not that he doesn’t want to speak to us about these deeply personal areas – the Scriptures are full of instances where he speaks into the specifics of people’s lives. In this, it’s essential to remember that communication happens in the context of a relationship. In the podcast we talk about the necessity of first building our relationship with God in the everyday things and how the need for a strong bridge to carry a heavy truck across it helps us understand why.
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Wising Up! When God Doesn’t Speak

What do we do when we’re praying about something and God seems to be saying nothing in return? This is one of the areas people find most difficult to navigate in living the God-life. What I share in this video took a mere ten minutes to record, but twenty years to learn… I believe it is a life-changing principle we all need to hear and understand. Enjoy!

(Apologies for poor focus on the screen)

Watch Part 1 of the Wising Up Series: Hearing God’s Voice for 2016


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Podcast (027) Hearing God in the Global Chaos

2015 has been another year of global chaos and turmoil. From terror attacks in Paris and Beirut, drowned toddlers washed up on the Turkish coast, a devastating earthquake in Nepal, and the Syrian crisis spilling millions of desperate refugees into Europe, we’ve faced a constant stream of tragic and disturbing news.

global chaos

As Christians, how do we respond when we hear the nightly news? How do we relate from the positions of our comfy lounge-room chairs when we hear about the latest deadly attack? Most of us are not politicians, international diplomats or war strategists. We are just fellow humans who cry out to God when we hear the stories. So what is God saying to us in the midst of global chaos?

Just before Christmas, I spoke with John Peachey from Rhema’s Mornings Show in New Zealand. In this podcast, we talk about some of these important issues by looking at what God has already said. The first century church faced threats of persecution in their day not by terrorists, but by a brutal Roman empire. God’s words came then in the form of a series of symbolic visions via the Apostle John – a message that is still relevant to us in our time. You may never read the book of Revelation in the same way! Our conversation also brings it back to the state of our own hearts and what our response should be, even in the relative safety of the West. We pray it brings you hope and inspiration as well as some tangible strategies to how to respond when you hear the latest news. Here’s Hearing God’s voice in the Global Chaos!
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Wising Up! Hearing God for 2016

Want to position yourself to hear God’s voice more clearly in 2016? Here at the blog we are kicking off the new year with some practical wisdom for hearing God’s voice. Today is the first in a three-part series called “Wising Up.” It answers the most commonly asked questions I receive as I talk to people in churches across the world. This one’s about hearing God’s voice in the big decisions you may face in your life this year; a job, a relationship, perhaps a financial or health issue. It will take you about 10 minutes to watch, so grab a tea or coffee, have a listen and let’s make it our aim to wise up in 2016!

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