Honouring My Mum: When Dinnertime Conversation turns to Death

The last few funerals I’ve attended have been surprising learning experiences. Although the raw displays of grief and earthy graveside scenes are never easy, I’ve found myself coming away with unexpected treasures. All those shared memories and celebrated eulogies had inadvertently revealed truths about my loved ones that for whatever reason I’d never heard of before. There were stories from my Dad’s work colleagues, injustices in my Grandma’s homelife and tales from my Uncle’s childhood. Suddenly history made sense and I found myself wishing I had known them sooner.

Talk of funerals came up again while visiting my Mum last year. Over one of Mum’s legendary roast dinners, we discussed our preferred places of burial (somewhere local), the advantages of cremation (apparently it’s cheaper) and where we’d like our ashes scattered (under a rose bush). It was an animated conversation. After contemplating the inevitability of our deaths, Mum began to share about her childhood and I discovered the kinds of things that you normally only hear about at funerals. Having shared a recent ode to my Dad who passed away four years ago (read about it here) and in view of Mother’s Day this week, I thought I’d share a post to honour my Mum. The hope is that she can enjoy it while here on earth, rather than waiting for a time when she can’t!
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Podcast (029) Hearing God for Mr or Mrs Right

Last week, a new reality show called Married at First Sight was launched on Australian TV. I have to confess, I’ve been glued to it from the first night and the early episodes have not failed to disappoint. In the series, a man and a woman meet for the first time on their wedding day after being paired together by a group of three experts. There’s a neuropsychotherapist who considers pheromones and ‘chemistry’, as well as a psychologist and relationship expert who draw on personality profiles and extensive interviews to make their best scientific match.


Once having participated in a (non-legal) wedding ceremony, the newly married couples spend their first night in a hotel, then leave for the honeymoon. After returning and living together for a month, they make the decision whether or not to continue their relationship. Last year the whole process worked out beautifully for one of the four couples, Alex and Zoe, who are now happily on their way down the non-reality TV wedding aisle. It’s all gripping viewing. For my friends outside of Australia, here’s a moment the producers die for when, at the wedding of the third couple, Jono the groom doesn’t get what he ordered in bride Clare.
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Wising Up: When God is Slow

This is the last in our Wising Up Series: some practical wisdom that will help you hear God’s voice and follow it this year. I don’t know about you, but the experience of God’s slowness may be the most difficult one in walking the God-life! Why does he take so long? Patience is great, but patience with understanding is even better. This 10 minute video will give you God’s explanation for when nothing seems to be happening. Learn how an ascent up the tallest mountain in the world is relevant to the walk of faith on the ground…

How have you dealt with the apparent slowness of God? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts about the teaching in this video below:

Podcast (028) Hearing God for a New Year: Three Tough Questions

Since I started my ministry eight years ago I’ve heard plenty of God-conversation stories, some life-transforming and God-glorifying, and some to be honest, I’d much rather forget. During that time, I’ve also been asked lots of questions about hearing God’s voice, questions that tend to be repeated wherever I go. Most of them are identical to the questions I’ve asked myself over the years.

hearing god new year

So today’s podcast includes some answers to three most commonly asked questions. It’s some plain talking wisdom about hearing God for the personal issues of our lives in 2016 – much like a coffee and a chat at the start of the year! Perhaps they are questions you’ve asked too:

1. What is God saying in this area?

Whether it’s a question about a new job, or a place to live or wisdom for a new relationship, we don’t always get a clear answer from God. Why is that? It’s not that he doesn’t want to speak to us about these deeply personal areas – the Scriptures are full of instances where he speaks into the specifics of people’s lives. In this, it’s essential to remember that communication happens in the context of a relationship. In the podcast we talk about the necessity of first building our relationship with God in the everyday things and how the need for a strong bridge to carry a heavy truck across it helps us understand why.
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Wising Up! When God Doesn’t Speak

What do we do when we’re praying about something and God seems to be saying nothing in return? This is one of the areas people find most difficult to navigate in living the God-life. What I share in this video took a mere ten minutes to record, but twenty years to learn… I believe it is a life-changing principle we all need to hear and understand. Enjoy!

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Watch Part 1 of the Wising Up Series: Hearing God’s Voice for 2016


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