(03) “I Don’t Hear from God Like You Do”

It’s a line I hear often. I heard it again recently chatting with a friend. I’d just shared one of those stories of how God had spoken – a prophetic dream that miraculously came to pass.

She looks at me and says; “Oh, but I don’t hear from God like you do..”

The look of disappointment: the shoulder shrug of resignation. That feeling like it’s all too hard.

hear God's voice

What she said bothered me then and it bothers me now. I went away puzzling over it. Why? Why do I hear from God like that while she doesn’t? She loves God. She’s faithful. A godly family, a strong Christian. But she doesn’t have a spectacular God-story like mine to share. Why is that?

Some would say; it’s a gifting right? That’s because you’re a pastor; that’s your specialty.

Some would say; Oh those kind of experiences are the exception. Normal life – even the Spirit-filled life – isn’t like that. You shouldn’t expect it to be. 

Some would say; Faith is trusting God without words like that, without signs and fleeces. True faith doesn’t need that stuff. 

Some say…

Why do people find it so hard to hear from God? What makes it easier? What makes it more difficult? Is it affected by personality? By Bible knowledge? Is it more for those who sit cross-legged on top of a mountain for hours at a time?

What would you say?

Today’s podcast explores this question in more detail.

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Do you find it easy or difficult to hear from God? What do you think makes it easier to hear his voice? Leave a comment below

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Bible References referred to in this episode:

  • John 15:15
  • Acts 2:16,17

Resources mentioned in this episode:


  • Tania Harris

    You raise some really good points Vanessa, and I think we need to be sensitive to people’s experience (or lack of) without compromising our knowledge of God as a speaking God. That’s why understanding why we’re not hearing him becomes so important doesn’t it. Thanks for sharing!

  • vanessa

    It’s really interesting hearing you talk about your friend’s response to God talking to you. That he doesn’t talk to her like that. There is no way of me knowing how she really feels about that but I wonder if I am alone in the way I feel about it. If I am honest angry and hurt. And not just a little. Does no one else feel like that – seriously? I mean angry and upset about it enough that you don’t go to the talk on hearing God in the FIRST place to get prayed for. I remember someone who told me they were once a Christian. They had spent untold years crying out to God with no answer. And now they are a bitter atheist. Now I don’t know what their personal circumstances were – if they were doing what they needed to do to hear from God. But I still know God in his Grace can still get through to a person inspite of themselves. To hear that God is talking to other people is very painful. And I guess I can understand how some people (non Christians) can see us as arrogant (not saying you are at all tho!)… “Oh God talks to me…” because if so where does that leave them? Especially if they have sincerely tried for a long time.