God Conversations for Women (CD Series)

It's both exciting and confusing to be a Christian woman today. Messages from the secular and church world are often conflicting and we wonder what does a Jesus-following, Spirit-filled 21st C woman look like? Drawing from current theological insights as well as her own journey into leadership, Tania outlines God's heart for the 21st C Christian woman in this 4-part CD series (run time: 2 hours, 50 mins):

  1. Unlikely: How a woman who doesn't believe in female pastors becomes one. (Also available as an Mp3).
  2. What the Bible Says about Women (& Men): What we believe & why it matters. (Also available as an Mp3).
  3. Equal Wheels in a Penny Farthing World: Where we are and where we're going. (Also available as an Mp3).
  4. The Christian Woman in Leadership: Wisdom for the journey. (Also available as an Mp3).

Price: $25.00

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