How Did They Know it was God? 1. How Do I Know it’s God?

The characters of the Bible show us that it’s possible to recognise God’s voice and experience the miracles that follow a two-way conversation with him. Learn how to better discern God’s voice in your own life as Tania addresses three essential questions in the God-conversations of Gideon, Peter and John: What did it sound like? How did they know it was God? and what did they do when they heard it?

In this first message of this series, discover the one thing we all need to know about getting it wrong before we can get it right. (This is Message 1 from the series: How Did They Know it was God? To learn more from about how to recognise God's voice from the God conversations of the Bible characters, purchase Message 2: How Gideon Knew it was God and Message 3: How Peter Knew it was God and Message 4: How John Knew it was God).


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