About GC for Women

God Conversations for Women is a second arm of Tania’s ministry that equips women to fully realise their God-given potential. It is birthed out of God’s original vision for women, who were made in his image and commissioned to work alongside men in stewarding the planet together (Genesis 1:26-27). Through speaking events, mentoring and teaching resources, God Conversations helps women live out this vision in every sphere of their life: home, church and workplace.

God Conversations for Women

Why Women’s Ministry?

While God’s vision for men and women has always been as equal partners functioning together, God’s people haven’t always understood what this means. History records a cobbled and often despairing mix of the church’s interpretation of God’s heart, a legacy that continues to bring confusion into the current day. Today Christian women are confronted with a wide range of contradictory opinions about the roles they should play and how they should behave. We hear messages from the biblical world, the secular world and the church world and we struggle to reconcile them. We wonder what does a godly, Jesus-following, Spirit-filled, 21st century woman look like?

God Conversations for Women aims to give practical answers to this question by looking at all areas of Christian womanhood from family and relationships, to dating and singleness to what we wear out on a Saturday night. Drawing from current theological insights as well as her own unique journey into leadership, Tania encourages women to live out the fullness of God’s vision for them.

Teaching Resources for Women

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A Vision for the 21st C Christian Woman

what the bible says

The Fashionable Christian Woman?

What the Bible Says about Women (and Men)

Should a Woman ask a Man Out?

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God Conversations for Women offers mentoring to women in leadership and ministry by application. Tania’s focus is first, to facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit in spiritual and character development and second, to work on specific ministry and leadership skills. Learn more here.