God Conversations for Women offers mentoring to women in leadership and ministry by application. Tania’s focus is first, to facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit in spiritual and character development and second, to work on specific ministry and leadership skills.

God Conversations Women Mentoring

From Tania: Why You Need a Mentor

The reason I am so passionate about mentoring is because I know that without it, I wouldn’t be here today. My original mentor, Melinda Dwight was a God-given gift to move me into my destiny. Here’s a snapshot my story and where it took me…

The envelope arrived with my name and address printed in bold lettering on the label. In the top left hand corner was our church insignia. I tore it open to find a shiny colour brochure and a letter inviting me to an up-coming leadership conference. I double-checked the envelope label. There must be some mistake. At 26, I had just moved to my new church hopeful of the future, yet tentative and insecure. My new church was warm and accepting, but why would the Senior Pastor invite me to a leadership conference?

She did it again a few months later – this time enrolling me in a pastors’ conference. Pastor? I couldn’t even get the word out of my mouth. What on earth was she thinking?

Fifteen years have passed and I have planted a church, worked as a lecturer in two Bible Colleges and begun an itinerant ministry. I have discovered talents I didn’t know existed and awakened dreams that were mere wisps of fantasy. I am in leadership today for one reason; one woman saw beyond where I could not see.

Melinda saw a vision of who I could be, then loved and believed in me to enough to draw it out – even when I kicked and screamed with all the objections of a girl bound up with blurred vision and misplaced ideals. When I struggled to voice my calling, Melinda spelled it out for me. When I stubbornly baulked, she propelled me into action. Ever stalwart, she persevered through countless tears, lame excuses and feeble insecurities, and relentlessly helped unpack the gifts in me that would eventually transform my life.

The life-changing journey with my mentor has inspired me to pass on what I have received to others women who are committed to seeing their destiny fulfilled. I would love to walk with you, championing your calling and helping you to see your full potential realised!

Having Tania as a mentor has equipped me to follow my dreams with greater clarity, courage and passion. Tania has a unique ability to ask right questions at the right time, always making me think outside the box and seeing myself in a new light. She never tells me what to do, but challenges me to think, pray and act on my convictions. One ‘aha!’ moment with Tania has propelled me forward faster than years of work and study.

Ps. Milena Sakalauskas

Tania has a unique way of helping me be a better version of myself, but not feeling less than adequate at the same time. I feel I really benefit from our time together, and highly recommend her to anyone in need of a savvy mentor!

Ps. Lisa Woods

Application for Mentoring

The greatest investment we can make in our futures is to invest in ourselves. To learn from a mentor is to come with an open, teachable heart and to be willing to do some internal work. Mentoring can be a life-changing experience when we allow for it. To that end, any application for mentoring begins with an initial consultation that looks at suitability and goals. The mentoring plan including number and direction of sessions together will depend on the individual. Sessions may be virtual through Skype and phone or in person.

Some questions to consider before applying for mentoring:

  • What is my life-dream?
  • What goals do I have in the short-term?
  • What challenges do I currently see in reaching my goals?
  • Am I willing to do the work to reach my goals?

To express your interest in mentoring, email Tania here.